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Social contribution

Through continuous environmental activities

Creating a healthy community

EcoPro has been conducting various social contribution activities under the motto of "company that co-exists with the community through sharing" and "settlement of corporate culture living together." We introduce the eco-pro employees and their families who continue to visit rehabilitation centers, childcare centers, and underprivileged families in the region and practice happy sharing.

Status of social contribution promotion


  • Visiting environmental education ‘ecofrom earth’

    We provide hands-on training for local youth to learn the importance of the environment by themselves and raise awareness of the environment.

  • Fine dust notification installed Fine dust green light

    It will provide fine dust notifications to elementary schools to improve children's response to fine dust and create an environment where they can grow healthy.

Fostering Future Talent

  • Scholarship for outstanding talents for college students

    We provide scholarships by discovering talented people by region.

  • Support for university student self-driving electric car club

    Scholarships are provided to each university's self-driving club to provide opportunities for students to develop their capabilities.

  • Running a college volunteer group

    Ecopro College Student Volunteer Group Ecobridge, which connects Ecopro and the community, is recruited and selected to plan, produce, and provide high-quality educational contents to children at local children's centers. The college student volunteer group grows into a college student leader who cultivates volunteer spirit and leadership, and contributes to the development of the community by bridging the educational gap in the region.

Community contribution

  • Community Motherbox Support Project

    Motherboxes of childcare products are provided to vulnerable pregnant women's households to support their child's growth and healthy childcare.

  • Support for underprivileged people in the community

    Each year, employees' matching grant end-of-year donations are provided to fund treatment and surgery costs for patients with difficult home conditions in the community.

  • a children's drawing contest

    We hold a children's drawing contest to create a place for communication and realize community harmony.

Sports Support

  • Eco-Pro Onnuri Sports Club

    Founded in 2018, the Ecopro Onnuri Sports Club is a disabled sports team consisting of 8 sports including track and field, shooting, billiards, fencing, and weightlifting. Ecopro is trying to create a stable environment and a healthy society where disabled athletes in the community can concentrate on sports.

volunteer work

  • Volunteer activities and campaigns

    Ecopro employees participate in various volunteer activities and campaigns more than once a month to communicate with the community and solve social problems.

Child Support Working Campaign Book Donation Campaign Donation campaign Environmental cleanup activities Blood donation service River Restoration Volunteer Activities briquettes delivery service Kimchi service Mask Making Service Mural painting service, etc.

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