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ECOPROHN has independently developed equipment that removes volatile organic compounds such as BTX, IPA and MEK, most of which are known as carcinogens. This equipment can use adsorbents semi-permanently with the regular regeneration of VOC adsorbents by using microwaves and achieves high energy efficiency over 30% compared to existing facilities (VOC concentrator, RTO, RCO) by applying the microwave heating method instead of the existing hot air method. The system has the advantage of compact size compared to existing facilities by combining VOC absorption/desorption and catalytic oxidation. It is highly applicable to industrial sites where a lot of VOCs occur, such as painting booths, semiconductor/LCD manufacturing processes, petrochemical processes, etc. In addition, it can be used for dehumidification and as an air dryer facility.

Pt nanoparticles supported on TiO2

Catalytic removal of N2O and NOx in nitric acid plant