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Introduction of Subsidiaries

Adsorbent and Chemical Filter

Research Area Overview

Research Direction

Semiconductor and display industries’s integration technology is improving with advanced precision manufacturing process. For this, the control of AMC,*—i.e. microparticles and gaseous components in cleanrooms—is required. ECOPROHN provides the solution needed for electronic product production cleanrooms and the improvement of indoor air quality (IAQ) with research on high-functional adsorbents and chemical filters.

* AMC stands for airborne molecular contamination and refers to VOCs, acid/alkaline gases, ozone, etc.

Major Research Areas

  • Development of high-functional adsorbents and catalysts
  • Development of chemical AMC purification filters for semiconductor and display fabrication and manufacturing equipment
  • Development of technologies to remove bad odors and harmful gases
  • Development of filters to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)


Physical Adsorption Mechanism

Chemical Adsorption Mechanism