Water Treatment Business


Introduction of Subsidiaries

Research Overview

ECOPROHN enhances the competitiveness of its core technologies for environment-related materials with ceaseless R&D.

R&D Investment and Manpower

R&D Budget

R&D Manpower

R&D Overview

Adsorbent / Chemical Filter

Development of adsorbents for the removal of harmful gases and chemical filters for semiconductor cleanroom and industrial use

Environment Catalyst

Development of environment catalysts and systems for purifying GHG and air pollution gases generated by mobile sources and stationary sources

Microwave VOC Purification System

Development of commercial VOC purifying system which has excellent energy efficiency over 30% compared to existing facilities (RTO, RCO, VOC concentration) using microwaves

Catalysts for Manufacturing Process

Development of catalysts for oil refining and petrochemical manufacturing processes, reforming catalysts for hydrogen production, and technology for the recovery of valuable metals from spent catalysts