Company Information

CEO Message

Corporate Culture


We improve the quality of human life and make it convenient

with the development of new technologies related to energy/environmental improvement.

  • Energy-related
    Technology Development

  • Improvement of
    the Quality
    of Human Life

  • Development of
    to Improve the Environment

Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct

We continuously pursue changes and innovation, aiming to be the best.

Venture into
new fields

  • ·Set challenging goals and
    reject complacency
  • ·Actively pursue self-improvement
    to become the best in one’s field

Solidify relationships with
diverse stakeholders

  • ·Show consideration and respect for employees, customers, stockholders, and local communities
  • ·Build mutual trust and cooperate based on a sense of community and common destiny among colleagues

Ceaselessly change
and innovate

  • ·Continuously make efforts
    to advance into new markets
  • ·Continuously unearth new technologies,
    products and ideas