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CEO Message

Welcome. We really appreciate you visiting our ECOPRO HN website.

Natural environment affects every organism on earth including man directly or indirectly. It is that important to our lives. However it is consistently polluted or damaged by the activity of man. Environmental pollution from the development of science technology and industry. Globally, the environmental regulation such as CER has been reinforced, and there have been activities from governments and corporates to improve environmental pollution. This is why the new index called 'ESG' is a key to success for the sustainable business management. ECOPRO HN is a corporate that is closely related to this ESG trend


ECOPRO HN started from the parent company 'Ecopro' founded in 1998. President Dong-Chae Lee, the founder of Ecopro focused on the global potential of environment business after learning about the Kyoto Protocol. Since then, Ecopro developed PFCs catalyst and greenhouse and hazardous gas reduction device, chemical filter production technology and energy saving VOC removal system for the environmental material industry, and taking the favorable business environment and environmental policy reinforcement in global industry as an opportunity, they established a solid foundation as the best environmental corporate in Korea by enhancing business portfolio, advance to CDM business, aggressive expansion of business area based on consistent technology development. Then, on May 2021, ECOPRO HN was founded standing alone from Ecopro.


ECOPRO HN is the one and only business in Korea that is based on only environmental business portfolio. Based on the best quality development, analysis and design infrastructure in the industry, we provide total solution from diagnosis on client's environment, design and development of customized material, providing solution and maintenance to post assessment management.


Corporate essentially competes to make profit, but profit is not the only reason of existence for the corporate. ECOPRO HN will realize the future growth along with ecofriendly technology considering both man and the nature. We will clarify on which philosophy we make products and provide service to our clients, and let you agree with the philosophy. With our belief that only a corporate that makes difference with philosophy can grow as a truly big corporate, our staff will work by forming the bond of sympathy as one. We will do our best to be a corporate that grows with our clients.


Thank you.

CEO Kim Jong-seop