Ethical Management


Ethical Management

A trusted and respected company that improves the quality of life of mankind.

ECOPROHN aims to be a trusted and respected company and ultimately become a company that improves the quality of life of mankind by creating values for various stakeholders. We are committed to practicing corporate integrity to achieve this. And we will establish an ethical corporate culture and increase corporate values based on continuous management innovation and strengthening of our growth potentials. All the members of ECOPROHN pledge to practice the following code of ethics as the basis of our behavior and value judgment.

We continuously pursue changes and innovation, aiming to be the best.

  • We respect customers and make efforts to provide a good impression and satisfaction to customers.
  • We faithfully protect the investment profit of stockholders with transparent and efficient management.
  • We secure mutual trust and seek shared growth with suppliers with fair transactions.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations and trade order in business activities.
  • We comply with social norms and practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) by protecting the environment and contributing to the society.
  • We respect each other among employees and keep the honor of ECOPROHN people.