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Environmental Safety Management

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Environmental Safety Management

Environmental Safety and Health Policy

Entire staff of Eco Pro HN Inc. will create the business environment prioritizing the environmental safety and health, and carry out activities below to improve facilitate the quality of life of mankind by developing technology related to new energy/environmental improvement.

  • We do our best to use eco-friendly product and develop technology that will improve environment.
  • We recognize environmental safety and health as the fundamental of business management, and consider this in all stages of product design and manufacture.
  • We consistently improve and invest to prevent any potential disaster in the place of business and any environmental pollution.
  • We obey the environmental safety and health related law and international agreement, and set a high standard to consistently operate on the standard.
  • We establish and practice the goal and the details to improve the performance of environmental safety and health.
  • Priority on environmental protection and safe management

    Ecopro HN recognizes the environmental safety as the fundamental of business, and considers this in all stages of product design and manufacture.

  • Unsparing investment for the environmental safety management

    Ecopro HN practices the unsparing investment on environmental safety management as the best leading business in the field of energy/environmental improvement.

  • Application of management standard stricter than legislation

    Ecopro HN practices strict management by reinforcing the compliance with the law and stricter standard.

  • Development of eco-friendly improvement technology

    Ecopro HN do the best to improve the quality of life by developing and providing the environmental improvement technology.

  • Systematic management of environmental safety system

    Ecopro HN practices consistent improvement by establishing the goal and executing via environmental influence evaluation and risk assessment.